Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Day, New Attitude!

Ok, so I know I was crabby yesterday, but today is a new day and I have a new attitude. I got a good ole pep talk from my co-worker who is doing the diet with me as well as my sweetie, Josh. I got a lot of encouragement from my friends on facebook as well that reminded me that this is a process and it's not going to be easy. So I have decided to get me some braids so I can work out without having to worry about blow-drying and flat ironing my hair everyday and get my ass off the couch!

Josh and I took the dogs out for a walk/run last night and man, I'm out of shape! Me and Blu (our fat Pit puppy) were breathing all hard and couldn't keep up while Josh and Bossy were doing a light jog, backwards while doing cartwheels to show off! LOL But it's a start...

Danielle and I signed up for tennis lessons that will start in August and I signed up for a hip-hop dance class that starts next week...oh boy! This is going to be INTERESTING!! LOL

Josh also mentioned that technically my 1 month mark is tomorrow since I started June 1st so I can really weigh myself in the morning...I think I'll take it!

Until tomorrow!! :)

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