Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weigh In Day!

Today is my official weigh in day...159.6! Still down 6 lbs!

Josh and I went up to his dad's house at the lake today...he just bought a boat and wanted to take us out on it. We had a lot of fun but I had to disclose that I was on a diet and could only eat certain things. His stepmom was great! She made a salad just for me and offered us a variety of meat....regular hamburgers, veggie burgers and turkey burgers! They also had strawberry shortcake and french fries! :( But luckily, I didn't feel tempted to cheat at all.

I do see a dilemma arising though...we are leaving Wednesday to go to Colorado to visit Josh's grandma. His whole immediate family will be there and staying with her. One issue is that I am wondering how this whole mixing my food will work out of town. I won't know our schedule and where we will be when it's time for me to eat or if they will have anything that I can eat...I don't want anyone to have to go out of their way to fix anything special for me. My second issue is that since I am sending back a lot of the boxes for shakes and bars, I am not sure I will have enough to get me through all of next week. What will I do then? I am going to contact the local store and see if there is a way I can purchase from them until my order arrives. If not, I don't know what I am going to do...

Until next time...

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