Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bad girl...

So we just got back from our Colorado trip and boy I'm upset with myself! I ate maybe one Medifast meal the whole trip! They cooked 3 times a day plus dessert!! I was so stressed out about trying not to offend anyone and stick to my diet that Josh and I decided that I should just take a break from the diet while there and eat the food served at his grandma's house. OMG! I went a little overboard! They had steak, lasagna, bread, rice crispy treats, hamburgers, enchiladas, cookies, jell-o, ice cream, fruit, eggs, bacon, sweet tea, lemonade, coke...and I tried everything...more than once! The pants that I wore down there were a little big...almost falling down. By the time I left, they were back to fitting fine. Could it be possible that I really put back on all that weight in 4 days?? I'm scared to get on the scale and I woke up this morning a little upset with myself because I have a couple of upcoming events that I was hoping to be a little smaller for...

I can't dwell on it too much, what's done is done. I am going to work out everyday this week and get back on my diet. I need to lose some pounds by the end of this week for sure! I have a cute, little dress that I have to get into by Sunday for a wedding and I don't want to look like Barney (the dress is purple)!

On another note, Danielle has lost 11 lbs so far and that is great! If nothing else, I know it works, I will just have to add a lot more cardio to speed up this process!

No more dwelling on the past and my slip-up...on to a smaller me!

Until next time...

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  1. Don't get down on yourself. Stay positive and keep at it. :)