Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday party!

I weighed myself yesterday morning and I have lost 9 lbs! YAY I just need 1 more pound to reach my goal of 10 in a month. My one month will be on Tuesday...

Josh had a birthday dinner last night and I think for the most part I did good...LOL! I had one bite of cake, I did eat a sweet potato, veggies, grilled pork chop and one small chicken wing...not too bad right??

We had a really good time at Brooklyn's last night. I think Josh enjoyed his birthday. I got him a Ravens golf bag cake (Baltimore Ravens is his favorite football team) and it came out as a surprise. He loved it so much he wouldn't even let us cut it! LOL

We are going to a wedding tonight and I'm not sure what is on the menu, most likely chicken, so I should be fine...I do think I will want a piece of cake though. Wedding cake is the BEST!! A few bites won't hurt, right?

I still haven't started exercising...I keep coming up with excuses. I have to get motivated to start...I know this will help speed up the weight loss process but I just don't feel like it. I can tell a little difference in certain clothes but nothing drastic. I'm not sure what I'm expecting at 9 lbs lost but I guess since this is the most I have lost in a while I think I should be fitting into my skinny jeans by now! LOL

I know I have to be patient and that's hard for me...that's why I never last longer than a few weeks on a diet, I'm too impatient! I do have days where I just want to eat normal, bad-for-me food and not care about my weight, but then I know I will feel miserable afterwards and regret it. I have all of this Medifast food in my pantry so if nothing else, I have to stick to this until I finish all of that. I hate wasting money!!

Stay tuned for the 1 month weigh in results! :)

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