Monday, May 14, 2012

Almost died!

So, I was down 5 lbs when I went to the doctor last Wednesday...know how I celebrated? I went to freaking McDonalds!! OMG! I am a self sabotager!!! I know, it was sooo bad! Then I went home to Arkansas for the weekend and didn't have anything to snack on, but I didn't eat too horribly...I don't think. Anyway, I'm back home and we went to work out tonight and we jogged all the way to the school to play basketball. When I got there, I thought my heart was going to burst right out of my chest and I would fall out and die right there at the freaking elementary school! How gross would that be?!? So after I caught my breath, I played basketball with Josh for a little while and then we power walked home (mainly because I thought the coyotes would come out and attack us). I was proud of my effort to start a workout, now I have to keep it up! At least this is a

Until Next Time....

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Pattern...

Ok, so I'm starting to notice a pattern here...every spring I get a little itch to do something about my weight and I'm steady for a few months and then around fall time, I fall off the wagon! UGH!

Well....I'm back...AGAIN!!! LOL! A lot has changed over the last year. My weight being one of them! I gained all my weight back and then some...sounds very much like all the other testimonies I hear when talking about fad diets. Yes, I'm a victim too! :(

Well my motivation this time is that I'm getting married!!! I'm having a destination wedding in October. We are taking a cruise to Jamaica with close family and friends and I cannot look like an oompa loompa in my wedding photos!! My doctor has put me on a lifestyle change program and she is confident that if I stick with the program and change the way I think about food (no more happy food dance), that I can easily lose the 30 lbs by September. Just in time for my final fitting! When I told her what a typical day is like for me and what I eat she said that she has never had anyone admit to her how badly they eat. And I eat BAD! Guess I made one hell of an impression then, huh?? LOL

I really think it's going to be a hard road but I have done it before, and I can do it again, the healthy way, right? So, this week, I am cleaning out all the junk food out of my pantry (and by cleaning, I mean eating) and getting my mind right about this new lifestyle. I want the only thing that's fat on my body is that ring on my left hand!! BAM!!! LOL!

Until next time...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Starting Over

I'm starting my weight loss journey over...I'm hoping this is the last time. I was doing Weight Watchers at my job because while I was laid off, I gained my weight back. WW at work is going ok but I wasn't losing fast enough so I started Medifast again...I have been on it a week today and have lost 7 lbs so far. I have to change some things up when I get off this diet this time around. I have to do cardio earlier this time and I have to lift weights and keep it going. I must eat more fruits and veggies and leaner meats. This all sounds good but the hard part is actually doing it...I am going to go back to WW once I drop the initial weight to help me maintain. I really hope this plan works...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Body Wrap!

I am addicted to GROUPON! LOL! I purchased an Infrared Body Wrap through Groupon and went and redeemed it yesterday. It was a very interesting experience. You are "wrapped" for 50 mins and the machine is supposed to help shed excess water and toxins through sweat and help you burn up to 1,250 calories! Sounds great right?? Well...not if you don't like being hot!! I was uncomfortable for the 1st 10 mins because I was trying to get used to being so hot. I had to wear long sleeves and long pants as well as socks....then eventually I relaxed and went to sleep. Then I woke up with about 10 mins left and found myself sweating profusely. It was kind-of like a workout...the last 5 mins, I thought I was going to die! I was about to call out to the attendant and tell her to come take me out of that thing. I could not get comfortable to save my life.

When I got out, she told me to get dressed (gross) and meet her up front. She gave me a bottle of water and told me to stay hydrated throughout the night and I was on my way. Did I feel smaller...a little, but maybe that was in my head??? I thought they would have measured me before and afterwards but that didn't happen. Josh said I looked smaller...maybe he's a little bias though! LOL

That damn groupon got me in trouble again I figured since I had 11 points left for dinner that night and just "worked out" I may as well use my Village Burger Bar groupon that expires this week to enjoy the best burger in Dallas!! It was sooo delicious!!

I do feel smaller today though...but I can't weigh myself because Josh hid the damn scale!! The one time he listens to me...SMH! I will get to weigh myself this weekend, so hopefully, I have dropped some weight. 1-2 pounds will make me feel better.

Until next time...

Monday, January 24, 2011


That's the number of my cholesterol!! YIKES!! I got this information on Friday and have been a little upset about it all weekend. I have to change everything I have been eating and I MUST start exercising. Granted, I'm sure genetics and my holiday eating helped get this number to where it is, but is that what they are going to say on my tombstone??? No, so it really doesn't matter, does it?

Ok, so I have 6 months to get that back down before I get retested. I'm going to eat more veggies, fruits, fish, and chicken and I have to exercies at least 4 times a week....I have to change my attitude about all of this. Right now, I feel like this is all boring food, but I really can't help it.

Is this really my life???

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A few suggestions for me...

My friend Maggie suggested the following...


1. Only weigh yourself 1x per week and make sure it is 1st thing in the morning. (My weight can change 1-3 lbs in one day so I only weigh myself in the morning.)

2. You aren’t eating too much but try less carbs. (Bread, pasta, crackers etc.)

3. Try adding more veggies and protein.

4. Drink lots of water

5. Try not to eat after 7:00 at night, if you get hungry eat something small and low in carbs or just drink some water to hold you off until the morning.

My friend Tiff suggested that I have Josh hide the scale! I agree!! She also stated that I should increase my incline on my treadmill to give me a little variation in my workout.

A little impatient...

This is where I sabotage myself. I start a weight loss program and eating better and working out and if I don't see results quick enough, I want to quit! I lost 5 lbs in the first week of Weight Watchers and I wasn't even working out, this week...nothing. The scale keeps going up and down a pound. I have been walking on the treadmill and staying within my points and the scale won't go down any more. I know I need to be patient and I need to stay off that scale but it's easier said than done. Then I start to wonder, am I eating the right things within my points, am I pushing myself enough with my workouts, what am I doing wrong?? I am going to post what I eat daily and my workout and I welcome feedback. This is what I have eaten so far this week.

Monday, January 17th
Strawberries and Cream Oatmeal - 4

Pineapples and grapes - 0

3oz Chicken Breast - 3
Single serving Broccoli and cheese - 0

24 Special K crackers - 3
String cheese - 2

Olive Garden Cheese ravioli (only half portion) - 10
1 Breadstick - 4

Strawberry mentos - 4

Activity - Treadmill for 60 mins

Tuesday, January 18th
Pineapples, strawberries, grapes - 0

Strawberry yogurt

3oz Chicken Breast - 3

24 Crackers - 3
String Cheese - 2
WW lemon cake - 1

Before dinner snack
Bagel - 3
Cream Cheese - 2

3oz Meatloaf - 5
Green Beans - 0
1 serving Mashed Potatoes - 2
1 Biscuit - 3
4 oz Pepsi - 2

Activity - Treadmill for 50 minutes

Wednesday, January 19th
Strawberry and Cream Oatmeal - 4

Yogurt - 2
Blueberries - 0

3 oz Meatloaf - 5
Green beans - 0
Mashed Potatoes - 2

24 Crackers - 3
Cheese stick - 2

3oz Meatloaf - 5
Broccoli - 0
1/2 cup sweet potatoes - 2

Activity - none