Monday, May 14, 2012

Almost died!

So, I was down 5 lbs when I went to the doctor last Wednesday...know how I celebrated? I went to freaking McDonalds!! OMG! I am a self sabotager!!! I know, it was sooo bad! Then I went home to Arkansas for the weekend and didn't have anything to snack on, but I didn't eat too horribly...I don't think. Anyway, I'm back home and we went to work out tonight and we jogged all the way to the school to play basketball. When I got there, I thought my heart was going to burst right out of my chest and I would fall out and die right there at the freaking elementary school! How gross would that be?!? So after I caught my breath, I played basketball with Josh for a little while and then we power walked home (mainly because I thought the coyotes would come out and attack us). I was proud of my effort to start a workout, now I have to keep it up! At least this is a

Until Next Time....

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Pattern...

Ok, so I'm starting to notice a pattern here...every spring I get a little itch to do something about my weight and I'm steady for a few months and then around fall time, I fall off the wagon! UGH!

Well....I'm back...AGAIN!!! LOL! A lot has changed over the last year. My weight being one of them! I gained all my weight back and then some...sounds very much like all the other testimonies I hear when talking about fad diets. Yes, I'm a victim too! :(

Well my motivation this time is that I'm getting married!!! I'm having a destination wedding in October. We are taking a cruise to Jamaica with close family and friends and I cannot look like an oompa loompa in my wedding photos!! My doctor has put me on a lifestyle change program and she is confident that if I stick with the program and change the way I think about food (no more happy food dance), that I can easily lose the 30 lbs by September. Just in time for my final fitting! When I told her what a typical day is like for me and what I eat she said that she has never had anyone admit to her how badly they eat. And I eat BAD! Guess I made one hell of an impression then, huh?? LOL

I really think it's going to be a hard road but I have done it before, and I can do it again, the healthy way, right? So, this week, I am cleaning out all the junk food out of my pantry (and by cleaning, I mean eating) and getting my mind right about this new lifestyle. I want the only thing that's fat on my body is that ring on my left hand!! BAM!!! LOL!

Until next time...