Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My last week!

This has been the longest week of my life!!! It's my last week of having to be on this Medifast diet before the transition and I am not motivated to stick to it. I have not cheated this week, but I have had mad cravings.

This past weekend wasn't all that great for my diet. I went home to see my mom...she had knee surgery and Saturday night, we decided on pizza for dinner. Mom wanted thin crust and I was SUPPOSED to only eat 1 slice, but by the time we got our pizza, I was so hungry, I ate 2! Well, thin crust does not fill me up that much so a few hours later, I got another... :( I did get up and go walk/running the next morning hopefully offset the damage I had done. Oh, but on a side note, my mom, sister, and dad all said that I looked skinnier. That really made me feel good since my mom and sister always seem to make a big deal about my weight.

So when I got back on Sunday, I was not feeling the shakes and bars at all and I gave in and had McDonalds. OMG! I just love McDonalds double cheeseburgers! I really think they put crack in their food!! So instead of me just shaking that off and moving forward with my shakes I decided that since we were going to a baseball game that night with friends, I wanted to eat a hot dog at the game with everybody else.

So I weighed myself on Monday morning and I had not gained anything but my stomach has not been as flat as it had been in the past. That was a wake-up call! But seriously...can I never have carbs again in life?? I have been doing some sort of workout everyday since Friday (excluding Sunday) and my stomach still hasn't gone back down. :(

I got up and weighed myself this morning and I'm back down to 15 lbs lost but today is Wednesday and our game night is coming up Saturday. I don't plan to stuff myself but I really want a piece of pizza and chips and salsa and peach cobbler...listen to myself! I sound like a fat girl! LOL

I think this will be a constant struggle for me for the rest of my life. I can say at least Medifast has jump started the weight loss process for me when nothing else seem to work. I know that I can't eat ALL of my favorite food in a week's time and that I need to consistently workout.

So for now, I will finish out my week...I only have a half a week left or 18 meals left to go! ;-)

Until next time...

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