Monday, July 12, 2010

I just had to...

I had to weigh myself this morning, I couldn't wait until tomorrow...I'm down 12 lbs!! I'm sooo excited! My co-workers said that I looked smaller today and that just made my day!

On another note, my co-worker started working out a little more last week and she said that she was starving all week. This weekend, she passed out at the park while walking! That has me a little terrified to increase my workout at the moment...I was planning on actually going to the gym after work and doing a little cardio. :-o I mean but we are only eating 800-900 calories a day, that's hardly enough to have the energy for a good workout. She is going to add another meal and cut back on the Medifast meals and see if that will help. I'm going to just workout for like 30 mins when I do my cardio this week and hopefully, I won't get lightheaded or hungry.

I'm still trying to lose a total of 20 lbs before I add real food back in...maybe 25?

Until next time...

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