Monday, January 17, 2011

New Do!

I'm looking for a new hairdo to go with my new body! LOL! For those of you familiar with the tv show "The Game" I am the girl who rocks the side-part under all day everyday! I am very conservative and do not like to call attention to myself if possible. BUT, I do feel like my hairstyle is starting to remind me of my mother! OMG!! So I am looking for a new style that I will get once I lose 10 lbs as my reward. Any suggestions?
 I'm feeling this below...


  1. Do a short bob..or add some color..very chic and sophisticated...

  2. I like the bob, BUT I think you would only fall back into the hairstyle you are trying to escape! LOL!! I agree with bossygirl...add some color or/and make the bob choppy....razor cut!!! YES!!! I can cute, fierce and sophisticated....Good Luck honey!!!