Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm BACK!!!

I have been away for a few months and I am sad to report that I have gained most of my weight back...I have enjoyed the hell out of the holidays though! :) I guess the good thing about Medifast is that it helps you drop the weight fast but when you get off it, and you go back to eating unhealthy (because you didn't learn to eat the right things), you gain your weight back. BUT, I am not going to let that stop me from achieving my ultimate weight loss goal and keeping it off! So, now I am going to try Weight Watchers with a friend of mine and a co-worker. They have both done it before and lost with it. I'm excited to see my new body in a few months! LOL! We ordered a treadmill Monday and hopefully that will help me stay active since I hate going to the gym. I have been doing the Dance Central game on the XBox Kinect and man is that a workout...

So bottom line is that I am motivated and ready to change my lifestyle and eating habits once and for all. I do have to figure out another way to handle stress in my life though. I immediately turn to food and I know that's not good for me, but I don't know what else to do. Like yesterday, both my supervisors have really been working my nerves this week. To the point where I wish I had enough money saved up so I could tell them both to kiss my ass and quit on the spot, but I don't, so instead I totally blew my diet and went to McDonalds after work and then went home and baked some mini double chocolate chip cookies and ate like 5 of them...oh and I had a glass of Moscato. That all finally calmed me down! What else can I do? To me, working out is not the answer, but maybe if I start boxing, that will help me get out some aggression. I definitely have to find an outlet because if the conversation that I had with my boss just 10 minutes ago is any indication of what my future will be like at this place, I am going to need something other than food to calm me down if I want to lose weight. SMH... I'm getting frustrated all over again thinking about it...where are my damn Mike and Ikes???? UGH!!

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