Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Going good...

Ok, so today is Day 3 of the Weight Watchers diet and so far, I have no real complaints. Trying to get my points right have been a little challenging but it will get easier, I'm sure. Monday, I went over by 6 points and had to dip into my weekly flex points and yesterday, I didn't eat all my points and had 3 left over. I was really proud of myself last night though...I ate a really good dinner and snacked on fruit all day when I was craving sweets.

I haven't started working out the way I wanted to just yet though. I keep finding excuses, like it's Monday or "The Game" will be on soon...LOL! I am aiming at working out 4 times this week...I have 4 days left. Wow...maybe I should aim at 3 instead. I do have to put the treadmill together with Josh tonight... ;-)

Until next time!

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