Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have lost 18 lbs!!!! I got on the scale this morning and it read 147.6!! I am so excited! I have only been having 2 maybe 3 Medifast meals a day and eating my fruit and salad and if I do have regular foods, I watch how much I eat. I was sure I was going to hold steady at 15-16 pounds lost but ta-da...2 more came off this week! I may hit my 20 this month...

I'm not sure what I should do about the next phase of weight loss. Now that I am getting close to 20 pounds lost should I stick to my original plan and lose that first before I hit the weights or just start now? My concern with the weight lifting is that it's going to put the weight loss on hold for a minute while I'm gaining muscle. I know it will come off eventually but since I'm so close to 20, do I really want to slow down now? I know weight lifting overall is best for me, but should I wait another 2 weeks before I start?

Any suggestions?


  1. I've been a yo yo dieter all my life, unfortunately, but I would wait, it's only 2 weeks! You are exercising! I am so happy for you because you are happy and that's what it's all about!

  2. Girl I will wait...I know we hear weights, weights, weights...but we all have different bodies. And I would whether slim first then shape...Soo happy for you!

  3. I have been doing weight training while losing weight at the same time. I want to lose 20lbs, but have only lost 11 so far and it might be because of the weight training, but my body is more tone. To me, even if it slows it down a little, you will like how your body looks. Your body will not look like you still have weight to lose. Does that make sense?