Friday, August 13, 2010

My dress fits!!

I bought this dress a few weeks ago and it was a little snug in the hips and much that I was not comfortable wearing it just yet. I am happy to say that I have that dress on today and it's almost too big!!

My weight is not going down or up right now, but I am really off the Medifast diet right now. I do not have an eating schedule the way I need to, so next week, I need to fix that. I still can't eat a huge amount of food and I find myself not being that hungry in the evenings and I know I need to eat something!

I have decided that I will go back to lifting next week for real. I think it's time to start the toning of my muscles now that I have lost some weight and it's holding steady.

I hope this will help me shed a few more pounds, especially in my stomach area. That's still not as flat as I would like...

Until next time...

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