Friday, September 3, 2010

So Sore...

I am very proud of myself...I have been getting up in the morning to go walk/running and then doing my Zumba workouts when I get home. I have done some type of workout everyday this week so far. At least 2 a day except for today because it was raining and so we didn't get to go for our walk this morning and tennis was cancelled. I am so sore from this insane Zumba workout...I was so tired after work today that I passed out for 2 hours! LOL

I have been watching my carbs and have a complete meal plan ready for next week. I am hoping that I reach my 1200 calories though...I may have to tweak my meals a little next week. I think my Zumba workout is causing me to build muscle, so I think it will take a little while for me to hit that 20 lbs lost, but I know that I am getting a good workout and my stomach is staying pretty slim...not totally flat but slim enough.

I tried on my size 6 pants from New York and Company today and I can button them up!!! Now they are still a little too tight in the thigh and butt area for me to wear them to work, but at least I can button up a size 6 pants!!!

Praying for patience...

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