Saturday, May 29, 2010

Last weekend to binge eat!

Josh and I are about to go out to eat...this is the last weekend I can eat whatever I want in the manner that I am used to. Tuesday, I am starting the Medifast diet...I have mixed feelings about it. I am more than ready to get this weight off of me, but I am not looking forward to the headaches and feeling tired. I refused to start when I received my package on Tuesday because of the upcoming holiday weekend...I want to be able to enjoy my holiday weekend and not be sooo grouchy because of the change in my diet. I have been reading up on people's results and that has gotten me extremely excited! I want to lose 40 pounds and keep it off! I have two co-workers that will be doing this diet with me and they have started already. One has lost 3 lbs in three days already! The other got sick on her first day and threw up! WTH??? Maybe I shouldn't start this when I have to go to work and be with new hires all day! LOL Oh well...Cotton Patch is calling my name...gotta go!

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