Monday, May 14, 2012

Almost died!

So, I was down 5 lbs when I went to the doctor last Wednesday...know how I celebrated? I went to freaking McDonalds!! OMG! I am a self sabotager!!! I know, it was sooo bad! Then I went home to Arkansas for the weekend and didn't have anything to snack on, but I didn't eat too horribly...I don't think. Anyway, I'm back home and we went to work out tonight and we jogged all the way to the school to play basketball. When I got there, I thought my heart was going to burst right out of my chest and I would fall out and die right there at the freaking elementary school! How gross would that be?!? So after I caught my breath, I played basketball with Josh for a little while and then we power walked home (mainly because I thought the coyotes would come out and attack us). I was proud of my effort to start a workout, now I have to keep it up! At least this is a

Until Next Time....